Penis shrinking: how do I know I’ve lost size?

Penis shrinking: how do I know I’ve lost size?

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Penis shrinking or just impression? Is it really possible this is happening and how do I know I’ve lost size? These are just some of the questions asked by men who have noticed changes in their member measurements.

And, although it seems worrying, for all causes, there are precautions that can be taken and possible treatments to reverse and solve the problems. If you’ve noticed recently that there’s something different, this content is made for you.

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Penis shrinking, how to know?

Simple: watching. The first step to know if the penis is really getting smaller is through a good observation, which must be done standing up, with the member erect. Measure to make periodic comparisons using always the same reference.

If it’s a ruler, repeat the process in the same way in the following weeks, you can also use your fingers or hand. The important thing is to have a means of reference to carry out the comparisons.

Since you need the rigid to carry out the measurement, if you are having difficulties, look for an expert. He will even be able to request an ultrasound capable of evaluating the structures, blood flow and any other problems that may be hindering the erection and causing the reduction in penile size.

Why is my penis getting smaller?

It is another question common to men who have noticed a reduction in the proportions of the member. There is not just one answer to this question, but several, among them the absence of involuntary erection, treatments for erectile dysfunction, pelvic surgeries for cancer or long-standing diabetes. Know more:

1) Absence of involuntary erection

The involuntary erection, nocturnal and morning, is natural and healthy. It oxygenates the penis and its absence can cause the appearance of fibrosis or worsening of an already installed erectile dysfunction. The causes for the absence of involuntary erection are also varied: it may be related to psycho-emotional disorders or erectile dysfunction. This is the first answer to the question “why do I have a smaller penis?”.

The best thing to do in these cases is to schedule an appointment with a doctor who specializes in treatments for the dysfunction, so that it can be indicated later and, if necessary, there is a surgeon.

2) Treatments for erectile dysfunction

Another factor that can cause the penis to shrink is the treatment for erectile dysfunction itself. But Injections that stimulate erection have side effects that can leave marks and evolve into fibrosis.

And this case is more serious, as an area of irregularity may appear on the limb and increase the curvature, requiring surgical corrections.

3) Diabetes and cardiovascular problems

Diabetes raises blood sugar, causing damage to vessels and nerves that can progress to erection problems, where we go back to the first case: the penis needs oxygenation or it will form fibrosis. And it’s these fibroses that lead to the decrease. But there are also other more complex mechanisms that can make this issue worse, such as accelerated cell death and changes in collagen metabolism.

Similarly, arteriosclerosis reduces blood flow in the penis, leading to erectile dysfunction, which explains the penis shrinking due to lack of proper circulation. When a full erection is achieved, however, there is no noticeable decrease in size, a fact only noticed with a flaccid penis.

4) Prostate cancer

The procedures used for the treatment of prostate cancer, such as radiotherapy, penile surgery, can cause side effects, affect erection and lead to penile reduction. It is estimated that after pelvic surgery for prostate cancer, the penis can lose 1 cm.

What is the penis shrinking solution?

The specialist’s assessment is the best approach, with conservative measures such as the use of medication, shock waves and first-line exercises. Penile prosthesis, as an advanced option, may be the solution for men with penile reduction, as long as tissue reconstruction to recover size and/or thickness is possible.

Therefore, if you noticed your penis shrinking, schedule an evaluation, identify the causes and find the best solution for your case.

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