Penile prosthesis surgery: Understand how it works

Penile prosthesis surgery: Understand how it works

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Much is said about remedies for erectile dysfunction, however, when they fail, the most effective resource to regain rigidity and end this disorder once and for all is prosthetic surgery penile.

Do you know this surgery? Do you know when it is really necessary to do this type of procedure? Or how does the surgery to insert this type of prosthesis work?

In today’s post, we’ll explain everything about it. So keep reading this article and find out more about:

  • How to know if you need penile prosthesis surgery;
  • How does this type of intervention work;
  • What to do when the procedure is unsuccessful.

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Penile prosthesis surgery: How do I know if I will need this type of intervention?

Penile prosthesis surgery is indicated for cases in which the drugs did not work or for those who have a problem that has been compromising the erection.

You should consult a urologist to find out if your case really requires surgical intervention.

If the operation is the way out, be reassured, as it can bring your sex life back with great satisfaction. The sensitivity of the penis is maintained, the genital remains hot, desire and orgasms do not change. In addition, the prostheses are implanted internally, that is, there is nothing outside, you cannot see the prosthesis, but the erection caused by it.

How the surgery works

Penile prosthesis surgery must be planned together with the doctor. That’s because, the decision to put on a prosthesis needs to be made without doubts and with the utmost tranquility. He will also check for the presence of fibrosis that may change the way the prostheses are installed or indicate other access routes.

After the exams, the next step is to choose the prosthesis that will be implanted, evaluating the patient’s preference, medical condition, costs and the anatomy of the penis.


In the preoperative period of penile prosthesis surgery, some basic routine tests will be performed in this type of situation, such as blood tests, cardiology tests, among others.

At this stage, the patient’s blood sugar levels must be under control, to avoid infections and ensure good healing.

The procedure is not long, but in cases with the presence of fibrosis that require reconstruction to recover size and thickness, it can last from two to three hours. The patient may be operated on with local, spinal or even general anesthesia.


Post-surgery, the professional will assess how the dressing is and the need to change it, and will also provide guidance on healing.

The penis must remain in a bandage for the first three days, with no need to remove it in most cases. And the patient can go back to work between seven and 10 days after the procedure.

After 30 days, he can resume his normal routine and after 45 days, he can have sex again if he is comfortable.

What to do in cases of unsuccessful surgeries

There are some cases where penile prosthesis surgery is unsuccessful. Now you must be wondering: Why does this happen?

Well, this type of problem usually occurs due to the presence of very fibrous plaques in the cavernous bodies, diabetes (even controlled) and issues related to local skin vascularization.

The most common complaints after unsuccessful surgery are:

  • Reduction in the size of the penis (when the prosthesis had to be removed);
  • The penis has become thinner;
  • Incorrect size prosthesis insertion;
  • Implant that did not solve the issue of penile rigidity.

Therefore, it is best to seek a qualified professional to reassess the penis. If you have a problem combined with erectile dysfunction, it must be resolved if possible in the same surgery so as not to affect the final result of the patient.

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