How does male orgasm work after penile prosthesis?

How does male orgasm work after penile prosthesis?

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That the penile prosthesis is the recommended solution for cases of severe sexual impotence, you already know. However, there is still a certain amount of fear or even curiosity about how male erections and orgasms occur after penile prosthesis surgery. If this is your question, continue reading our article.

Today we are going to talk about how a man can have a normal and very satisfying sex life after penile implant surgery. In summary, a penile prosthesis aims to provide vertical resistance to the penis, which provides a quality similar to a natural erection. This resistance gives the patient the possibility to perform penetrative sex without the penis bending or escaping.

Are there any changes after the procedure?

For lack of knowledge or fear, men end up turning common doubts into absolute truths, such as the penile implant surgery changes the appearance, sensitivity or temperature of the penis. These changes are complications and are not part of the regular course of a well-managed implant.

The change felt by the patient is positive, as the surgery does not alter the sensory, nor does it interfere with libido, orgasm or male ejaculation. Done correctly, the procedure preserves all the nerves responsible for the pleasure and normal temperature of the penis. It will also not bring about changes in the volume or quality of ejaculation.

Does the appearance of the penis change with the penile implant?

Just as there are misinterpretations about complications, the purpose of the surgery is also confused, so it is important to make it clear that the penile implant is not responsible for increasing the size of the penis, but rather, it is indicated to solve problems related to erectile dysfunction. The implant procedure can cause some change in the penile shape or appearance, after all, surgery is needed for this, but always maintaining its function.

Penis shrinking: how to identify?

Is there any interference in the way you urinate?

The penile prosthesis is designed to adjust to the size of the patient’s penis, its insertion is made in the corpora cavernosa to provide the necessary support for an erection. The cavernous bodies are located in a different part of the urethra, responsible for the passage of urine. Therefore, there will be no interference with the patient’s urinary flow.

Patients with semi-rigid prostheses, unlike inflatable ones, may have difficulty directing the penis during urination, as it will always be erect.

How long after surgery can the patient resume intercourse?

As with every surgical procedure, there is a recovery period that needs to be respected for the absolute success of the procedure, therefore, it is recommended that after the surgery, the professional assesses how the dressing is and the need to change it, and this is also the time to provide guidelines that favor healing.

How to choose the ideal penile prosthesis

The penis must remain in a bandage for the first three days, with no need to remove it in most cases. And the patient can go back to work between three and 10 days after the procedure. After 30 days, he can resume his normal routine and, in general, after 45 days he can resume intercourse if he is comfortable.

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