Erectile Dysfunction in a Young Man

Erectile Dysfunction in a Young Man

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Erectile dysfunction in young people is a more common problem than many people imagine. The big problem is that many young people are ashamed to seek help, or even talk about the problem, which can make it worse.

The truth is that this type of problem can arise in any age group, and the causes are diverse.

Keep reading this post until the end and find out what are the main causes of erectile dysfunction in young people and how to treat this problem.

Main causes of erectile dysfunction in young people

Erectile dysfunction in young people can be triggered by a number of causes. That’s because any level of anxiety or even insecurity about your own performance can affect penile erection.

As the erection is a response to sexual excitement, several things need to work at the same time and harmoniously for it to occur.

Nerves, neurons, blood circulation, hormones, erectile tissue all need to work together to generate an erection.

Therefore, erectile dysfunction in young people can be triggered by several sets of factors. When there are no comorbidities, it is usually due to performance anxiety.

However, other problems can cause erectile dysfunction in a young man. From some disorder in blood circulation, to fibrosis. That’s why it’s important to be aware of changes in relation to the penis and even the urinary tract.

Pain and other discomfort when urinating or ejaculating, for example, are not common.

Diagnosis and forms of treatment for erectile dysfunction in young people

The first thing that is done when identifying erectile dysfunction in a young man is a complete check-up. Tests are needed to see if the disorder is just an emotional issue, or if there is any comorbidity involved.

Among the items that are checked are:

  • Blood glucose levels;
  • Blood pressure;
  • Levels of hormones such as testosterone and thyroid;
  • Cholesterol levels;
  • Weight;
  • Bad habits;
  • Gender issues in the family.

If any comorbidity is identified that is causing erectile dysfunction in young people, the doctor will analyze the best form of treatment, which can range from the use of medications to surgical operations.

Now, if it’s a strictly psychological question. So the approach will be different.

First, the doctor will guide the patient to seek a psychologist and will also inform that in this case gradual work will be necessary. This is because it will be necessary to identify the cause of the anxiety that perpetuates the vicious cycle.

It is based on this that the psychologist will work on these triggers that trigger erectile dysfunction in young people. They can involve several aspects.

In some cases, for example, the young person may be suffering from over-stress problems. Therefore, medications can be recommended that help lower cortisol levels, which is one of the hormones responsible for stress.

In others, however, it is the young person’s sexuality that causes insecurity and anxiety. Soon it will be necessary to work more delicately on its development and identification.

Because of this, erectile dysfunction in young people needs to be treated in a different way. If you experience any problems with erection or ejaculation, be sure to consult a doctor.

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