8 Reversible Causes of Sexual Impotence

8 Reversible Causes of Sexual Impotence

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When there are symptoms such as difficulty in having or maintaining an erection, or the appearance of flaccid erections, reduction in the size of the sexual organ or even difficulty in maintaining intimate contact in some sexual positions, it is recommended that you seek your trusted doctor, so that he can identify the cause of sexual impotence.


The following is a list of 8 reversible causes of Erectile Dysfunction:



  • Inappropriate use of antidepressant, antihypertensive and antipsychotic medications


This may be necessary for many patients, and when this occurs we look for other ways around the situation.



  • Tobacco dependence


Smoking itself causes vasoconstriction that hinders or prevents erections, its chronic use worsens atherosclerosis and consequently the vascularization of cavernous bodies.



  • Illnesses or hormonal disorders that cause a drop in testosterone or endocrine problems


Hormonal problems can be corrected for better erections



  • Illnesses or psychological problems such as fear, decreased libido, depression, dissatisfaction or trauma


Psychological issues are relevant when they are salient and thus will need treatment. More subtle issues that do not draw so much attention, such as performance anxiety, need to be recognized and treated so that the patient can get out of the cycle of avoiding sexual intercourse and so that premature ejaculation, if any, improves.


  • Some chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure, high blood pressure or atherosclerosis


Some diseases need strict control, this control avoids worsening and often recovers erections



  • Overweight or obesity


Obesity itself causes impotence. The good news is that losing weight through aerobic exercise restores erections.



  • Deformities in the genital organ


Both congenital and acquired deformities (Peyronie’s Disease or shortening) can be corrected surgically.



  • Neurological Diseases


Some neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, spinal cord injury or brain tumor.



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